Winner of the 2014 Curt Johnson Prose Award for Fiction

Reader praise for Hull Creek, a novel of the Maine coast:

"Jim Nichols is the real thing and this novel should have a stamp on it saying "Made in Maine" and "Genuine." There's not a false note in his engrossing, deeply moving story of a place, a way of life under siege, and a lobster fisherman whose struggles you get to share. You might disapprove of some of the protagonist's choices, but you'll be rooting for him anyway--that's due to the power of an author who sticks close to the elements and always makes the choice of being honest." - Ellen Cooney, author of The Mountaintop School For Dogs

"I felt so at home with the people of Jim Nichols's Hull Creek that when the pages came flapping nearer to the end I cussed the author for not making a thousand more. Hull Creek is the real world: desperate times, heavy-duty hearts." - Carolyn Chute, author of The Beans of Egypt, Maine

"Nichols is a writer who always surprises, engrosses, and captivates me. Hull Creek is complex and interesting. I hope this novel gets him the attention he more than deserves." - International bestseller M.J. Rose, author of The Reincarnationist

Coming in February, 2015...

See the July 2014 issue of Down East Magazine for an excerpt from Closer All The Time

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