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Other work

Hull Creek is the story of Troy Hull, fifth generation Maine lobsterman, and his struggle to keep the family home in a small coastal town that is rapidly turning into a haven for tourists and wealthy retirees.

Runner-up, 2012 Maine Book Award

"Maine's roots are here, and they are well worth our time and attention. 'Hull Creek' uses a suspenseful tale of change to show us that prosperity may be found in the paved driveways that lead to swanky summer homes, but nobility often lives in a trailer parked not far away on a dirt road with a sense of the past and a wide view of the water." -- Nancy Grape, Portland Sunday Telegram Book Review

"Nichols is a masterful storyteller, creating a gripping tale of suspense, vividly exposing the social and economic divisions between locals and outsiders -- and the good and bad decisions they both make -- with sharply defined characters, snappy dialogue and an exciting, satisfying conclusion that really isn't a happy ending at all." -- Bill Bushnell, The Kennebec Journal

Praise for Slow Monkeys and Other Stories

"Nichols makes his characters come alive…Nichols has an unerring ear for dialogue; his characters don't utter a false word…A brilliant… title story."- Chris Marquis, New York Times Book Review

"Slow Monkeys is crammed with distinctly American characters, and with his perfect apprehension and appreciation of human frailty, Jim Nichols comes across as nothing less than the broad authentic voice of America." - Charles Allen Wyman, The Absinthe Literary Review

"Jim Nichols has shown a rare ability to balance form and formlessness, artifice and rawness, to so lightly tether eros as to showcase, through language, that which is inexpressible, catching wildness within an admirable and precise form. I congratulate him." - Melissa Pritchard, in the essay The Near Impossible, written as judge of the Willamette Prize for Fiction

"Nichols writes with a shaved-down simplicity which is unadorned but certainly never empty. There's always something going on behind each sentence, a slow build of emotion so that, by story's end, you know there's a lot more to these lives than what you see on the page…These stories resonate with the haunting quality of a loon-call drifting across a lake… Slow Monkeys is the kind of book that makes me wish I had the omnipotency of a benevolent God, where with one sweep of my fingers I could convince several hundred thousand readers they must read this collection of gutsy, gritty fiction." - David Abrams, January Magazine